Many, including we here at Tech LawForum, have greatly exaggerated the demise of the VoIP company known as Vonage. Vonage has returned from patent infringement purgatory, and perhaps their witty commercials aren’t far behind. According to ComputerWorld, Vonage has been utilizing new methods that avoid infringing Verizon’s patents of aspects of its VoIP technology. Two of the work-arounds have been in use since July, and the third has just recently been created. Despite this victory, Vonage still has the appeal of their adverse District Court judgment pending until next month. At least they will be able to continue to provide their customers with service, unless the damages they must pay to Verizon dooms them to SunRocket’s fate (read: out of business). Additionally, it appears that Vonage will have to fight a similar fight with Sprint/Nextel, so they aren’t out of the woods yet.