There has been plenty of nay-saying regarding the Patent Reform Act of 2007. Given that patent reform has been an issue for the past several Congresses and has never been passed, perhaps the pessimism is warranted. However, the current iteration of patent reform legislation keeps chugging along and just got out of the House Judiciary Committee and has made it to the floor of the House to be voted upon. The bill has been modified from its original form in several aspects. Many of the changes are favorable to the Coalition for Patent Fairness, much to the chagrin of the Innovation Alliance and many biotech companies. The Coalition was so happy, that in a press release (courtesy of IPBiz), they pledged their support of the current iteration of the bill and professed their hopes that it would be passed soon. The most notable changes to the Act include the removal of the ‘second window’ re-examination procedure, and giving the Director of the PTO the power to set the PTO’s fee structure (with some qualifications). Readers may read the latest changes made by the Committee here.