Due to a recent district court ruling in the ongoing Verizon v. Vonage battle, it is possible that we shan’t be seeing many Vonage commercials in the near future. Our readers may be asking, “But why? Those Vonage commercials are so sweet!” Well, as a response, TLF would like to notify our readers of district court Judge Claude Hilton’s most recent holding that prohibits Vonage from acquiring any more customers. The order came down this past Friday, and was a huge blow to Vonage, especially given that the company was hit with a $58 million penalty for infringing three of Verizon’s patents just a few weeks earlier. The freeze on customer additions is particularly harmful to Vonage because of the general attrition of telecommunications customers (basically, because people switch phone companies, Vonage will be losing customers while losing the ability to replace them). Given the business reality of such a ruling (read: Vonage would be out of business), Vonage was quick to ask for a stay so that they could appeal the injunction. The emergency stay was granted by the CAFC pending a response by Verizon by this Friday. So, it looks like we’ll be getting to watch those sweet commercials a little while longer, at least.