Dennis Crouch over at Patently-O has broken the news that the writing may be on the wall for the Patent Reform Act of 2007. According to a letter written to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, there are some voices preaching patience that wish to delay any further progress of the legislation. The letter was signed by Republican Leader John Boehner and Republican Whip Roy Blunt; additionally, Congressmen John Conyers, Lamar Hunt, Howard Berman, and Howard Coble were copied on the letter, so many of the heavy hitters on the reform issue were included. The letter states a desire (that we have all heard before ad nauseum) for measured, responsible patent reform that will be enjoyed by all. The letter highlights the concerns that there are myriad forces at work on the bill, and the fractious nature of the interest groups means that the reform issue should be tabled until a consensus is reached. The letter is hardly the first ripple of discontent with the Act (see the quote from Hans Sauer, associate general counsel for intellectual property of BIO), however it is the latest indication that the latest reform bill will join its predecessors on the scrap heap. Perhaps most importantly, it comes from the legislators themselves, as opposed to the pundits and interest groups that have heretofore been the loudest critics.