Zoltar Satellite Alarm Systems, Inc. v. Motorola, Inc. (PDF) 2007 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 95521 Decided December 21, 2007 Judge Ware Judge Ware construed the following terms in the following way: 1. “a navigational receiver for providing a location of the remote unit” means “a receiver in a remote unit that receives navigational information, and that provides a location of the remote unit, to a radio transmitter.” 2. “a radio transmitter connected for receiving the remote unit location, the at least one switch output, defining a switch status, and transmitting the remote unit location and the switch status” means “a radio transmitter that is connected: to the navigational receiver and receives the remote unit location from the navigational receiver; and to at least one manually operated switch and receives switch output, defining the state of the switch. The radio transmitter transmits the remote unit location and information on the state of the switch.” 3. “command” means “a signal representing an instruction to perform an operation. In Claim 61 of the ‘770 patent, the radio receiver is in a remote unit and receives a command from a base station.” 4. “the transmission power level selection circuit being responsive to the received command for selecting the transmission power level” means “a circuit in a remote unit that is responsive to an instruction from a base station to select a power level at which the radio transmitter in the remote unit transmits.”