Medtronic Vascular Inc. v. Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (PDF) 2007 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 95430 Decided December 21, 2007 Judge Hamilton Judge Hamilton construed the following terms in the following way:

1. “tubular wall” means “having the form of a tube.” 2. “peaks and valleys” means “the surface outside the point at which two slopes or curves meet is the peak, and the surface inside the point at which two slopes or curves meet is the valley.” 3. “flexure member” means “part of a longitudinal portion that provides flexibility.” 4. “non sinusoidal” means “not S-shaped.” 5. “arcuate” means “comprising a shape bent in the form of a bow or curved in the form of a bow.” 6. “interposed between a pair of straight strut portions which is disposed parallel to a longitudinal axis of the stent” needs no construction. 7. “polygon” means “a closed arrowhead shape made up of curved lines, straight lines, or a combination of curved and straight lines.” 8. “the longitudinal portions are aligned in a spaced relationship parallel to a stent longitudinal axis” means “the longitudinal portions are spaced from each other along a line parallel to an imaginary straight line running lengthwise in the center of the stent.” 9. “the polygon further comprises a first wall having a concave shape and a second wall having a convex shape” means “the polygon having a first wall with an apex directed toward the interior of the polygon and a second wall, also with an apex, directed away from the interior of the polygon.” 10. “flat apex” means “an apex that is not curved or rounded.” 11. “curved in a non-radial direction of the stent” means “curved or curving such that the arcuate U-shape or flexure member curved portion does not extend substantially outside the outer surface or inside the inner surface of the tubular wall.”