Keithley v. The, Inc. (PDF) Decided Sept. 10, 2007 Judge Jenkins Judge Jenkins construes 10 disputed claim terms in this claim construction order. The patent at issue relates to

method[s] of accessing industry specific information, such as real estate properties for sale, through multimedia personal computers.

Of particular interest is the court’s construction of the means-plus-function term ââ?¬Å?media means for receiving analog and digitized data and transmitting digitized data.ââ?¬Â? Keithley proposed the term be construed to include ââ?¬Å?receiving analog or digitized dataââ?¬Â? and pointed to parts of the specification that allegedly disclosed the corresponding structure of the means-plus-function provision., however, alleged that the patentee failed to disclose adequate structure for the means-plus-function provision in the specification, thereby rendering the claim invalid. The court found the specification provided sufficient structural disclosure to support the means-plus-function provision, and construed the provision in light of this disclosure.