When NBC lawyers filed comments with the FCC regarding the Verizon BitTorrent blocking controversy, they didn’t have many good things to say about P2P technology. They also didn’t seem to realize that NBC is itself using BitTorrent. The NBC Direct service, which will supposedly launch within the next three or four weeks, uses P2P. Pando, which is developing the service for NBC, uses BitTorrent. While Big Media schizophrenia about P2P is nothing new, there does seem to be a change in the wind. The P4P Working Group consists of major Internet access providers like ATT and Verizon, P2P players like BitTorrent and Pando, and other infrastructure players. So far Big Media seems to be playing wait and see. The MPAA, NBC Universal, and Turner Broadcasting are involved in the working group, but only as “observers.” It does seem to be fundamental to Big Media DNA that they are incapable of taking the lead. But perhaps they’ll find a way out of the forest with the help of some consensus-minded tech companies.