It is remarkable how many patents get issued, either (i) just before the calendar year closes or (ii) within 90 days before the application is pending 36 months. Due to postulate (i), many patents (over 3500 last year) actually have an issue date of December 25th. At this time of giving and remembering, recall a few inventions patented on last Christmas Day 2007.Â
First, is USP 7,312,773 for the “Illuminated Wearable Ornament,” which includes “a fastener …for attachment to a human,” and per Claim 6 said “fastener is a safety pin.” Something old, something new. Next, wrap you gift idea in the “Gag Bag” of inventor Herr Schmidt-Troschke, claimed as a “packaging bag, in particular of paper, plastic or a composite of these materials, having a closable top and a sound source which produces a single or a sequence of tones, intelligible sounds or noises when the top is opened..”, as recited in USP 7,312,717. For the strumming minstrel in the family, stuff a stocking with “guitar pick stickers for use in adhering to guitar picks so that the guitar picks are adapted to be removably carried against a glossy surface of a guitar” as claimed by inventor Oskorep in USP 7,312,388. Personal care and self-improvement items are ever-popular as gifts, so serve that pressing need to clean among “the most neglected areas of the body, in terms of personal hygiene, .. the surfaces between the toes of a person’s feet,” using any embodiment of the “device for inter-toe massage or cleaning” claimed in USP 7,310,850 issued to inventor Ge. If a career change to professional bass fishing ever was a New Year resolution, then gift inventor Merline’s fishing lure with propellors “be remotely controlled by the angler by a radio control transmitter on the fishing rod or proximate thereto,” as claimed in USP 7,310,905. But wait, there’s more – no year-end holiday grab bag would be complete without the latest “Abdominal exercise machine” particularly any “exercise machine that reduces undue stress but also exercises all” six of your six-pack, as disclosed in USP 7,311,645 assigned to AB-Stractor LLC
Hope that this Christmas, being celebrated on a weekday, allows for many “good” patents to issue.