judge-alex-kozinskiJudge Alex Kozinski of the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit is famous for his memorable judicial opinions and unmistakable style. Judge Kozinski has written opinions in several important cyberlaw cases, and has a reputation for grasping the legal ramifications of new technology. On October 18, 2006, he was interviewed by SCU Professor Eric Goldman, with students from Professor Goldman’s class on Cyberlaw in attendance. The judge who nominated himself for a “Male Superhottie” award (and won) and appeared on The Dating Game shared with the class his eBay rating, his opinion of bloggers, thoughts on the evolution of the American concept of privacy, and his approach to incorporating new technology into existing legal precedent.

1: Introduction

“I think it’s pretty important for people to think of judges as human beings, to realize that we do have families and we do have homes and children and we’re part of the community, in a way, and that we don’t take ourselves as seriously as we expect you to take us.” 34 min.

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2: Privacy

“I think the assumption that we’ve had in our society is that people who are couriers, people who are not the ultimate recipients of information but merely provide the means for taking information from one place to another, do not own the information and do not have access to the information and do not have a right to use the information.” 12 min.

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3: Domain Names

“And we read the California cases as being fairly permissive and progressive about these things in saying that you could have a conversion and so on as this intangible right that’s connected with some sort of written list, some sort of writing.” 19 min.

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4: Questions

“I’m just speculating that it might be worthwhile trying to think about whether this new environment should really be dealt with by a whole different set of relationships and laws — not in everything, but at least when it comes to commerce, to transactions.” 10 min.

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